I would be glad to offer you an initial analysis free of charge

Initial analysis free of charge

Let us conduct a detailed initial conversation, in order to define the problem.

Over 30 years of professional experience have taught me that every situation is the result of a unique set of influencing factors. Another description for this is “complexity” which comprises unique elements in every situation, despite the similarities with only seemingly comparable situations.

My highest personal goal is that my customers are satisfied with the results of my interim management job. In order to achieve this goal, I analyze every problem individually and also solve it individually, for the reasons mentioned above. Off-the-shelf solutions may be cheaper, but they cannot deliver the high quality that you as a customer are entitled to. I look forward to our initial conversation so that I can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

Quick check with the HJM Score

For an initial analysis of your interim management demand, I recommend that you answer the following three key questions by clicking “yes” or “no”. The result of the analysis appears immediately after answering the last question.

Your answers and the result of the analysis are only visible to you. They are not saved or transmitted by us.

  • Does your company exercise sufficient control over its subsidiaries?

  • Especially abroad?

  • Do your subsidiaries report correct figures in time?

  • According to Compliance rules and ESG requirements?

  • Do operational processes function, internally and externally?

  • Among the employees and in the ERP system?

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I help your company solve its problems quickly and sustainably:

  • regain control of subsidiaries in the international environment and develop them further

  • in three functions:
    General manager,
    Project manager

  • in five languages: German, English, Spanish, Czech, Russian